stress relief

Stress Relief

More than three quarters of the visits to doctors’ offices are for problems related to stress. Our therapies at Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center can help you find ways to decrease the stress in your life. Our every day existence is all about stress. Stress can be categorized good or bad. It can come from relationships both personally and professionally. Stress can come from simply going to or being at work. Worries about family, money, moving, the past, and the future all cause very real health concerns. Celebrations of births, graduations and weddings can also come with a significant increase in stress. Anxiety and depression can arise for known or unknown reasons.

Stress relief is important because it causes damage to the tiny cells we are made of and puts unnecessary workloads on organs which can lead to larger problems. Realizing that no one does anything to us, is a major step in the healing process. We cause ourselves stress. No one hurts our feelings, or insults us. We allow what has been said or done to effect us. It is important to realize that we cannot control what comes at us or what is done to us. All we can control is our reaction to it. Once we become aware of this, we can begin to identify the behaviors, which cause us stress and find ways to alter those behaviors to decrease the stress in our lives.


Anxiety, depression and stress can be caused by an imbalance in our being, or may cause one. By calming the mind and spirit and bringing the body and chi back into balance, acupuncture is able to have a significant effect on anxiety, depression and stress.  Many people find they are able to reduce their medication, while others find a full resolution of their symptoms.

Life Coaching

Look at events with a fresh new perspective. Identify areas of stress and learn new techniques to cope more effectively resulting in a calmer, more centered life from which to make choices. Celebrate life and be master of your destiny.


Reframe the way you view your stressors. This helps you to alter your reaction to them and allows you to be in control rather than reacting.

Polarity Therapy

Helps to release the physical and psychological issues related to our stressors through counseling and bodywork.


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