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The polarity therapy we offer to the residents of Phoenix is a complete energy health care system.

With its unique combination of energetic bodywork, movement, nutrition and communication you may find yourself feeling more like you than you can remember. This system, founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, is developed from Ayurvedic, Osteopathic, and Chiropractic systems to listen to the body in a subtle and profound way. It contains aspects of all these systems including massage techniques that allow the practitioner to find the best way to bring optimal energy flow.

The foundation of Polarity is based on the life energy that resides in each one of us - energy to fulfill the goals of our soul. Through bodywork and communication each person comes into resonance with the energy of their life, as it expresses itself in their body . . . These expressions begin to clear the pathway for energy and healing.

Each event in our life has an energy that becomes integrated with the body and depending on the significance of the charge can have a wide range of effects on our health. The size of the energetic charge depends completely on our response to that particular event. Usually, the significance of an single event can be minimal. However, cumulatively a pattern can begin to form and impact the body’s energy.

Have you ever felt the need to tell someone something that happened to you? This is a way of allowing the energy of that experience to move. It needed a witness. In the same way, a polarity practitioner listens to the energy in your body and allows it to express itself. Through the body and its energy flow patterns we can examine and be with this energy in a way that allows for its freedom and expression. This exploration and subsequent release of expression becomes a healing river on which health and new opportunity can flow.

Polarity Therapy works with chronic pain, the nervous system, emotional, spiritual and mental imbalances to witness this energy as it is stored in the body. It can work with the energy of any symptom by exploring the root of the problem through the body and its systems. Symptoms like pain, depression, anxiety . . . all have a stored energy that needs to be witnessed. As this energy is witnessed by both the practitioner and client, then it can move. Once it is acknowledged and allowed, this energy moves out and health, opportunity and new energy can replace it. When we come into resonance with our self, our energy and our life in such a deep way tremendous opportunity can open up in our lives.

What is energetic bodywork?

Energetic bodywork sessions may include both Polarity Therapy techniques and Cranial Sacral Unwinding techniques.

What happens in a polarity session?

Polarity sessions are clothed. Loose fitting clothes can be helpful. The session begins with communication to come into relationship with the energy of where the individual is on that day. It also includes bodywork and may include nutritional and movement counseling or suggestions to support optimal results. The sessions are from an hour to an hour and a half, typically. The session works as a tune-up and its effects are often felt for days or weeks.

Please note that sometimes, even though a polarity session is simply light energy techniques, its effects can be far reaching. If you are looking for something new in your life, Polarity is for you. Polarity’s greatest gift is that it will continue out in your life and as you give yourself the gift of freed energy it will ripple out into all your relationships. Whether your relationship is with pain, food or people, polarity can bring wonderful opportunities because of the work you sow in your sessions.

Come into resonance with your life. Be with your self and your own energy in a way that facilitates the body’s healing systems to function more completely. Allow a “letting go”, find more support and create new resources all inside of the miracle machine that you walk around in. These things and many more are possible with a practitioner who holds the intention of your session, your life and your wellness and growth sacredly and gently, allowing your soul and your energy to move in its own time, gracefully and effectively.


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