Like everything in the universe we are made up of the elements of the periodic chart. We are held together by the bonding attraction of electrons. This energy attraction makes up everything that you see, including every person you know. Our body metabolism breaks down the chemical bonds of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, gases and liquids from the food we eat and the oxygen we to create usable energy, which allows us to think, work and play.

When we interact with others there is a certain level of energy to those events. Whether walking into a hospital room of a new baby or receiving a call that a loved one has died, every event has its own unique energy. We are in contact each day with thousands of energies of varying degrees. If we are open to those energies and allow ourselves to be fully present, we can experience each event authentically and completely. If we can avoid manipulating our experience and allow our feelings to be real then we will move through the event with very little or no energetic charge in our body.

Our nutrition, relationships and choices of alignment with our own personal truths effects our body’s energy. When we choose to be involved with work and people that are aligned with our soul then our energy flows more freely. If we withhold our feelings, make choices that go against our beliefs or are resistant to an experience then our energy channels can become imbalanced; imbalanced long enough and it will lead to disease. Close off the energy to a part of your body, for example, your heart (as in “I’m not going to be hurt anymore”), and the lack of life energy will restrict the ease of energy flow, causing eventually what is otherwise known as disease.

When glands are overworked for too long such as the thyroid or adrenal (i.e., in a workaholic or from constant stress) they will eventually function improperly. Our choices in life and nutrition effect our energy. Energy is always moving in and around our body in the rivers or channels that are flowing. When a channel is weakened, blocked, or overused the flow of energy needs to be balanced before disease makes a strong hold. How we respond to the energies of people, places & events in our life can be seen—especially over time—in the health of our body.

We are all energy.  It is actually quantifiable in us and measurable in the food we eat. When we go with the flow in our life it helps our energy to keep moving. When we flow in our body by doing regular movement or exercise our health will reflect the healthy flow of energy. The more foods with life we implement in our diet the more life we will receive in our body. This energy will be mirrored in our relationships with benefits like patience, happiness, less frustration and anger and more vibrancy in our interactions.

Its helpful to think of our energy as being like the sun’s rays. We are actually made of the sun’s rays,(i.e., plants & vegetables use sunlight in photosynthesis creating food and oxygen) and it’s a factor for maintenance of energy in all life on the planet.

The sun’s rays, or energy, beam down in the form of sunlight, continually moving toward you, past you and around you causing a shadow. The light energy doesn’t stop to think, “How can I maneuver around this?” The light is simply looking for a path. The energy of your body is similarly moving in a pattern of ease. It can be disrupted easily by emotional, physical or spiritual influences. Choices will effect your energy and will in turn directly effect your health.

By aligning the body’s energy relationships our energy therapists and doctors can help you prevent disease before it sets in and can encourage the body’s own systems to bring health back to an area where disruption in energy has already caused disease patterns to start. Explore these concepts with the varied treatment modalities of wellness at Dynamic Pathways. Your call will begin to open up your energetic pathways…