Tom Stempel, MD

Dr. Tom Stempel, MD,DMin, FACS, DABMA, is board certified in surgery and acupuncture.  He is the founder and director of Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Stempel is a native of Homestead, Pennsylvania, the town near Pittsburgh, where Andrew Carnegie built his first steel mill. He holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Thiel College in Greenville, PA, and he received his medical degree from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Following the completion of my surgery residency at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, I received a commission as a medical officer in the Indian Health Service, serving as a general surgeon at Native American hospitals in Gallup, New Mexico and in Whiteriver and Phoenix, Arizona. I served as chief of the general surgery department at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center until my retirement from the government services in February 2002. I also served as chief clinical consultant in general surgery for the Indian Health Service from 1991 to 2002, providing consultative advice and assistance to all hospitals, clinics and agencies that provide services to Native Americans and Alaska Natives throughout the continental United States and Alaska. From 2002 to 2014 I continued to provide part-time surgical and acupuncture services to the members of the White Mountain Apache tribe at the Whiteriver Indian Hospital near Pinetop, Arizona.

Having served with Indian Health for twenty five years, I decided to follow my desire to pursue studies in mind/body complementary therapies. I received an associate’s degree in mind/body transformational healing from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, where I focused on life coaching, hypnotherapy and Taoist philosophy. I studied acupuncture through the Acupuncture for Physicians program at UCLA, and am certified as a licensed acupuncturist by the American Board of Medical Acupuncture.

At Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center in central Phoenix, I enjoy sharing my gift of healing with those seeking improved health and new direction in their lives. I specialize in acupuncture therapy for acute and chronic pain problems. The techniques of life coaching and hypnotherapy help me to treat my patients in a more holistic manner.  They aide in helping my patients open their awareness to find the answers they need to effect change and growth in their lives. Utilizing exercises which allow them to touch their sacred internal wisdom, my patients can find the answers and direction they seek to follow their dreams.

To fully engender my own healing balance between mind, body and spirit, I studied for a degree of Doctorate of Ministry in Creation Spirituality at Wisdom University in Oakland, California. Creation Spirituality integrates the wisdom of western spirituality and global indigenous cultures with the emerging scientific understanding of the universe and the passionate creativity of the arts. The ultimate goal of Creation Spirituality is to reinvent our self and our work, so that we can live and work in line with our spiritual truths and values, living in the creativity of who we are, and sharing that joy and wisdom with others.  Creation Spirituality embraces the basic concepts of all religions and wisdom traditions.  This understanding allows me to bring a strong component of spiritual direction to my coaching nd healing sessions.

I have had the joy of being weekly radio talk show host.  Spiritual Living with Dr. Tom explored topics derived from my work in mind/body wellness and my studies in creation spirituality, ranging from mind/body healing modalities and wellness topics to spiritual activism and how we can live spiritually in today’s world. And even greater joy in leading a weekly Chanting into Stillness where we dedicated an hour weekly to meditative chanting.

A gift is not a gift until it is shared with others. Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center is my dream of melding my intuitive abilities and my knowledge of western medicine and native tradition with the wisdom of these new fields of healing, allowing me to offer the most appropriate therapy for each patient. I am pleased to be able to share my interests and knowledge with anyone who is seeking.


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