Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center

Resolve Life Issues

Many of us find challenges with the inability to resolve events or recurring problems involved with relationships, events, personal habits, employment and other issues we encounter. What we’ve tried, hasn’t really worked. We want to make a change, but we aren’t sure what to do or how to do it, successfully. Maybe we know how but we need real support.   Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center offer many choices in finding the therapy best suited to your needs.

Life Coaching

Gain a new perspective, not only on the issue you wish to address, but also on how you relate to your self and others. By gaining insights into yourself, you will be able better to deal with everything that you experience in life. You will consider fresh new approaches and take small steps to changes you desire. The success of your small steps combined with new insights builds your confidence and lights your way to the goals you are seeking.


Clear subconscious blocks which prevent us from moving forward in our lives. It is also effective in dealing with the anxiety related to everyday stressful situations.

Polarity Therapy

Disrupt the flow of energy that reinforces the same choices with communication and bodywork.


Let us help you decide which therapy to try.

When you call to make an appointment and we will recommend a therapy or combination of therapies to bring new energy into your life.


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