Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center

Personal Growth

Are you experiencing a shift in your life? It could be in the personal, spiritual or professional realm. We all go through cycles in our lives in which we grow and change, plateau and then experience a period of dissatisfaction, which can lead to a new period of growth. A caterpillar, for example, must struggle to escape the safety of the cocoon and become a butterfly.  Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center offer you choices in finding your path in transitional times.

Life Coaching helps you seize your opportunities. By using enlightening techniques to look at where you are and where you’ve been, you can determine your strategy to achieve your dreams. You will set a step by step course to succeed. Every week you will feel buoyed by each stride reaching closer your goals. Life coaching is powerful and motivating.

Spiritual direction aides those finding themselves in need of guidance during periods of spiritual growth.  The depths of all faiths and wisdom traditions have the same message.  The mystics of all faiths understand the interconnection and oneness of creation, and the need for letting go in order to move forward.  Spiritual direction helps people to access that divine wisdom that is at the core of each of our beings.

Hypnotherapy aids you in your personal growth by helping you to remove subconscious mental blocks. You find access to the answers and direction that are stored deep within your being. Connecting with your internal resources will ground you and allow you to draw strength to continue growing.

Polarity and neuromuscular massage therapy release energy blocks giving you freedom to grow and allow for new opportunities. Emotional blocks can hold you back and manifest as physical problems causing further difficulty. These therapies can provide both physical and emotional freedom for you to begin the growth you desire.


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