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Regardless of your current state of health, our services will allow you to find an improved level of wellness. At Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center in central Phoenix, we will help you determine which of our therapies are best suited for your needs.

If you are in good physical health

Polarity can aid you in maintaining and improving your present state by helping to keep up your energy, prevent disease and maintain a sense of balance and wellness. 

If you are living with chronic medical problems

Acupuncture and energetic bodywork have been shown to be of benefit for many chronic conditions.

If you are living with chronic pain

Acupuncture can help to alter the severity of the pain, or totally relieve it. Polarity will often reduce or relieve pain by decreasing the tension and energetic stagnation, giving a sense of overall calm and relaxation. Hypnotherapy can be of benefit in altering subconscious beliefs and perceptions related to the pain.

During times of emotional or spiritual stress

Polarity provides an opportunity to let go of residual emotion, therefore, clearing the way for energy flow, calm & health.

Life Coaching helps you identify strategies to achieve health ideals. Going step by step, success is harvested weekly thereby gathering enthusiasm and confidence.

Hypnotherapy frees you at the subconscious level. While your subconscious works to heal on the deep level, your conscious mind is freed to allow you to achieve your goals by changing actions and behaviors.



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