Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center

Create New Choices & Strategies

How often do we beat ourselves up over bad choices we’ve made? How frustrated do we get because we can’t come up with a better approach to that person or occurrence? At Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center the metro Phoenix community has the opportunity to find new choices and strategies to resolve issues and attain goals.

Life Coaching

With the achievement of little goals you’ll gain a different view of your challenges. Motivated by your coach and your successes, you will be acting on a strategy to reach your dreams. Life coaching directs the right questions to help you to identify your options, your own answers and your unique plan for success. Gain in confidence as you see your efforts become reality. Carve out a whole new path that is uniquely yours.


The majority of our processing goes on at the subconscious level. Hypnotherapy takes you to this level, and allows you to access the wisdom and understanding that you have stored deep inside you. It lets you find the options and strategies that are right for you in your growing. Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable experience, fostering relaxation as a means to become open to new direction and opportunity.


With polarity become aware of energies that work on you internally and externally. Explore sensations and discover ways to allow the uninhibited movement of physical, mental and emotional energy in your life as it opens to new choices. The release of stuck energy allows for a letting go of stress and old patterns while serving as a lightening experience in the body and soul. Balance your energy and feel the possibilities of the future with a refreshed perspective on life.


Creating new choices in your life begins with your decision to make an appointment


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