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Balance Emotions

Emotional imbalance often relates to an inability to cope with stressors in our life. Stress can be positive or negative, and comes in the form of family, health, finances, work, relationships or societal pressures.   Our providers at Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center offer the metro Phoenix community choices in regaining their balance.


Polarity works effectively to release stored emotions held in our body. Headaches, stiff muscles and most physical problems contain some level of unresolved emotion. We often experience pain without any realization of an emotional imbalance. The pain results from repression of an emotion. Emotional release is often profound, sometimes unsuspected and always highly cathartic. Those who allow themselves this gift are changed forever by their own expression and letting go changes them completely through a lightened feeling.

Life Coaching andHypnotherapy

Receive guidance to identify more effective ways of coping with our emotions when they arise, and to find ways of dealing with situations to prevent further emotional imbalance. Simply by becoming aware of how we react to stress, or by changing or perspective on how we look at it can profoundly relieve the effect that stress has on our minds and bodies.  Any period of transition, whether it is personal, professional, or spiritual, puts us out of balance.  Life coaching and spiritual direction assist is finding the path back to balance.


Attaining emotional balance begins with a decision to make a change in your life.

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