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Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center, located in central Phoenix, is dedicated to bringing about the new paradigm in wellness and healing. We are in an exciting time of major transition in the field of medicine. Many people are frustrated with "regular" medicine and are seeking alternatives. Now, as we learn more about those alternatives, they are becoming more mainstream. The new paradigm seeks to combine the knowledge and wisdom from all modalities to offer the best advice and therapy possible through an integrative, holistic approach.

Western medicine has provided many great advances, cures and miracles. It’s focus has been on the disease process and how to fix the disease process. It has been criticized for partitioning and compartmentalizing people into disease categories, and discounting the mind and spirit in their relation to wellness and healing.

Eastern medicine focuses on the cause of the disease process and consider what needs to be done not only to contain the malady, but prevent it from recurring. 

These approaches are not in conflict. In fact, they compliment one another. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. The new paradigm in healing is the utilization of both philosophies to help us to gain higher levels of health and wellness. By honoring all traditions and taking advantage of therapies that consider mind, body and spirit, we are able to attain the balance we need to bring wellness and healing into our lives.

We are caring providers and educators interested in partnering with you to offer a safe haven to support wellness and healing. It is our goal to provide you with compassionate, quality care. You are the most important part of our practice. We are here to offer you support and advice to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Just as our logo represents the labyrinthine journey through life, when we finally arrive at the center of our being, or touch that deepest central core of life, we are able to find a balance of conflicting opposites. We are able to understand the connections and unity of the universe, and by appreciating that balance, we can find the balance in our individual lives. This discovery allows us to find the health and wellness we all seek.

In addition to our care with individual patients and clients, we offer talks, seminars, and networking opportunities.

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