Chronic Disease

There is a difference between being well and being cured. It is possible to be in a state of wellness while still having a chronic disease. It is even possible to be well while one is in the process of dying. There are numerous chronic conditions that cannot be cured.

Our goal at Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center is to help our Phoenix community to optimize your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, so you allow yourself an opportunity to decrease the negative effects chronic diseases can have on daily living.

Many of the negative effects of chronic disease are a result of the feelings and perceptions resulting from the chronic problem. We will work with you to help reframe your view of a healthy self and illness as it relates to your daily living.

Acupuncture helps to strengthen body energy and defenses.

Work with a group of caring providers to find ways to live well with chronic disease while exploring ways to live without it. Come to a wellness center focused on holistic and natural means for activating the body’s own healing system. The most innovative and dynamic pharmacy in the world is found in the human body. By working to assist the body’s own healing and defense systems the body can strengthen its immune system and allow health to prevail. Team with doctors and holistic health care professionals to determine a treatment plan that meets your health care goals.


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