Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center:  integrating the healing arts of acupuncture, massage therapy, psychology, energetic bodywork and life coaching.  We are centrally located at Third Street and Virgina for our Phoenix Metro community. Our providers are here to guide you toward greater health and wellness utilizing a therapy best suited for you. Come and experience the calm and well-being that is nurtured by the healing energy of our office.

Finding the best pathway in dealing with health and wellness is a dynamic process. Our care givers provide services which cover a broad spectrum of natural, complementary health care. We offer alternatives to medication for
acute and chronic pain relief. Our therapies aid in anxiety, depression and stress relief.

Our expertise in acupuncture and complementary therapies provides Phoenix residents with alternatives in coping with the pain and discomfort related to their chronic disease processes, and assists them in finding alternative approaches to pain relief.

With life coaching, polarity and hypnotherapy available in central Phoenix, we help you find new direction or strategies in dealing with life issues. Our compassionate care helps our therapies to have their fullest effect.

Explore our site. Consider the different directions to wellness listed around the pictures of the four elements.  Click on any one of them and discover how we can help you to gain the improvements in life that you are seeking. Visit our resources section to see our old newletters and find health tips, recipes and links to other health related resources.

Come and join us on your dynamic pathway to wellness.

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